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#5,Bellia Corporate


Have you ever wanted to be a part of a movement that changes people's lives?

Join Bellia


Our Vision is to inspire women around the globe to BE the women they were designed to BE.

Our Mission is to present women with empowering products to enhance their natural beauty and confidence while offering a flexible income opportunity, facilitating phenomenal training, sharing valuable resources, and providing a kind and inspiring culture and community.

Our Value-Rich Culture


We have the same goal, and we can achieve much more, together.


Our greatness, together, will attract like minds.


You win. We win. Together, we will make a difference.


Tell the truth. And when you make a mistake, correct it.


Serving others to help them achieve their goals through leadership.


Using the divine gifts we’ve received, to be what we were designed to be.


Do what you say you are going to do.


Sharing our resources to touch the lives of others and serve their needs.


We share our feelings and values with our community.

Who is a Bellia Brand Partner?

Brand Partners (BP) are home-based business owners who love our incredible jewelry products, promote them and build a team, all while earning a commission. As a Brand Partner, you are able to set your own hours. You are your own boss and you have the flexibility to take a three-hour lunch or work from wherever you want. Plus you have unlimited earning potential!

Be Fabulous

Whether it’s at the movies, a special event or meeting with your friends, you Bellia jewelry will have people asking you “where did you get it?” and that’s the conversation starter you need to tell them more about your Bellia Business.

Our Collections

Be Bellia

This collection consists of a collection of basics that represent the DNA of Bellia. Be mesmerized by fine jewelry that features classics, as well as trendy pieces, and is an ideal gift for a loved one.

Bellia Style

Who doesn’t want to be stylish? This fashion-forward collection will bring fashion trends with a price range that allows you to afford to look and feel your very best.

New Bellia

Trendy pieces at trendy prices. Flaunt your influence. Go ahead. be Trendy!

Bellia Designs

The Bellia Designs collection is filled with exclusive designs made in collaboration with Bellia's creative team and selected artists. This collection includes very distinctive pieces with enamel, leather, silver, gold, pearls, semi-precious stones, and raw gemstones, to name just a few.

Bellia World

Our Bellia World collection of very leading pieces is ideal for strong personalities. Women who love to attract attention, and show off in magazines and publications, will radiate their boldness with this invigorating collection.

My Bellia

This My Bellia collection focuses on the stars and heavens and incorporates lucky charms, religious icons, and inspiring pieces of faith and spirituality.

Just Bellia

The Just Bellia compilation of designs is light, fresh, and youthful. This young collection will be a fan favorite with the young women in your life. Go ahead – try something fun!

Our Team

Our Brand Partners

The most vibrant team we owe our success to is our loving, diverse, innovative and success Brand Partners who are sharing our products, services and business with others around the globe!

Our Corporate Team

To help our Brand Partners shine, we’ve hired the most-excellent executive team and staff! These valuable assets support our sales field with award-winning training, exquisite products, global events, well-deserved recognition, stellar customer service, transparent and timely communication, robust technology and more!

Antonio Barrera


Lizbeth Saldana

Chief Product Officer

Johnna Johnson

Chief Success Officer

Our Industry Advisors and Strategists

With our commitment to providing the absolute best experience for our Bellia customers and Brand Partners, and a desire to be the most recognized global brand, we’ve hired the very best in the industry to come alongside us to launch in the U.S. in 2021:

Elena Ruiz

Business Advisor

Diane Heavin

Business Advisor

Our Founders

At the very core of our magnificent team is our three founders, Gary Heavin, Gonzalo Artiach and Antonio Barrera. This powerhouse team of multi-continent partners brings decades of experience of building big business in nearly 80 countries. Their story is moving and will inspire you to join our mission. Click here to read more about our founders

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Join Us

Are you a jewelry enthusiast who loves to share beautiful products and opportunities with others? Here’s a quick overview of how we graciously award our Brand Partners who have fallen in love with our Brand and are actively sharing it with others:



Earn 10% weekly commission on Brand Affiliates.

Earn 20% weekly cash commission on all retail sales.

Earn up to an ADDITIONAL 15% Cash Commission on monthly sales over $499+



Earn 5% Enroller BV Bonuses on team members you enroll on your team.

Earn 5% Level Bonuses up to Four Levels.

First-time Rank Advancement CASH Bonuses (up to $10,000)!



Receive 2% Personal Group Bonuses.

Earn 3% Generation Bonuses (up to 3 generations).